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    battle cry

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    maeve kelly


[whispers into the night] i don’t know if i can properly talk about this since there’s still a massive lump in my throat over the whole ordeal, but i couldn’t just say nothing. so this is for the girl with the arrows, the warrior born into her armor, the girl who was meant to live forever - this is for allison. {you can purchase here for 50 cents or more but you totally don’t have to obviously yes okay} [ more music ]

my last words were a battle cry / tell me, did you hear it? / a flash of silver in the night / tell me, did you feel it? 

i don’t feel pain anymore / these arms of yours, they feel quite familiar / a war is not a place to cry / but your eyes aren’t dry / your tears greet the winter / maybe i’m a warrior, maybe i was wrong / but the flames burning in my wake / they’re still going strong 

[ refrain ] 

ask me do i take it back / would i jump the track if i could do it again? / even if fate’s not a game / and the stars won’t change / there’s nothing that i regret / maybe i’m a warrior, it was in my blood / but even if i soldiered through / i couldn’t outrun the flood 

[ refrain ] 

[ refrain ] 

my last words were a battle cry / my last words were a battle cry

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